My Benefit for The Victims of Japan’s Earthquake

My son Eric has been living in Tokyo for 3 years and calls it home.  The generous spirit and gentle souls of the Japanese people captured my heart during my recent visit, so the recent devastation there feels very personal.

My passion outside of Real Estate is Photography.  While visiting my Son in Japan I spent a fair amount of time taking photos.  The photographs I returned with are slices of life past and present that live in harmony, the timeless beauty of the Kyoto Geisha, the deep respect for nature, order, and the promotion of quiet contemplation are evident in the garden photographs. A detail of Sakura, the cherry blossom which is a Japanese obsession signifies the rebirth of nature and ignites a national love affair with the small pink and white flowering trees. Soaring skyscrapers and ancient torii gates, weathered walkways and temples, and the most sophisticated technology and the best shopping experience on the planet all co-exist in Japan. It is “the formality and cultural isolation that still exists in a modern world that is the Japanese experience”. To the outsider the pride in the old traditions may not be obvious, it’s sometimes beneath the surface but if you look in the photographs it’s what I tried to capture.

My heart goes out to the victims of the Earthquake and I and other members of Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty wanted to something to help.  Next weekend we will be holding an exhibition of my work as a benefit to the Red Cross’ Fund for Earthquake Victims.  The event is free and open to the public and prints of my photographs will be available for sale.  Here are the details, please join us.

Saturday May 7th, 2011 from 3-6 P.M.  “Sakura In The Wind”, a benefit exhibition of photographer Joan Lonergan’s recent photographic journey through Japan to benefit the American Red Cross’ fund for Japenese Earthquake victims.  Ms. Lonergan recently received 2nd place in the Woodstock Byrcliff Guild members show for her photographs of Mongolia.  Special refreshments will be provided by Wells Fargo of Kingston.   3656 Main Street, RTE 209, Stone Ridge, NY, for more information call 845-687-4355.


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