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Dress For Success

Particularly when we are trying to make an impression we dress for the occasion.  We might get our nails done, get a haircut, spend a little extra time primping and choosing exactly what shows off our best features.  Think of the last time you wanted to dazzle that special someone and the process you went through to get the message across, preparing a house to sell is no different. There are some people who have the talent to transform their home to look like a magazine ad but for most of us, it’s just not the case. We can’t see past the “pink elephant” in our rooms staring at us while eating up our hard-earned money.  On the flip side, most Realtors are hesitant to give their clients a “to do” list that may require sserious reorganizing, cleaning and de-cluttering.  Realtors don’t want to push too hard because although we are advisors, we worry our new client will think we are criticizing the housekeeping or  decorating, and even worse, that our ideas will be rejected. It takes years for Realtors to find diplomatic ways to tell owners that their house stinks or is a disaster, most can’t say those words no matter how they try to sugar coat it, it feels too personal to discuss.

Realtors automatically are drawn to the well dressed house, just as one would take note of an attractive person. All of us like to show off the best of what we have to offer and that is what the homeowner needs to focus on,  how to impress the agents. In my opinion there ae three components to success:  The right price, presentation and representation.  I have personally always had the help of a home stager when I presented one of my own properties and have encouraged all my agents to promote the benefits of staging to our clients.  In the Hudson Valley we are experiencing a very healthy inventory and the values are excellent. It is more important than ever to stand out in the crowd by being priced as the best value in the range of competing homes and to have the best presentation. If you are listed with Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty the exposure you will get will surpass any of our competitors and your agent will add their own personal spin to the marketing efforts.

So what about the pink elephant ? It will eat up some of your equity and your time. Your offers will be lower and take longer to come in.  Pride of ownership and presentation does bring higher prices because buyers will feel more confident that the house has been maintained and well cared for. A little effort goes a long way so listen to your Realtor and your stager and you’ll be on your next adventure before you know it. Start packing! For more information on one of the finest home stages servicing the Hudson Valley and to learn more go to


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