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Increase Home Value Without Spending (Much) Money

Before putting your home up for sale you want to make sure you’ve done what you can to increase home value, but chances are you want to increase home value without spending much money. 

Clean it up, Pack it up, Fix it up. You never get a second chance to make a first impression – the same holds true when selling your home.  A little elbow grease, a few cosmetic improvements and perhaps a little cash will increase home value, increase showings and get you to the closing table faster.  To make it easy, follow my TOP TEN LIST for sellers TO ADD VALUE when preparing  your home  for sale:

1.  Curb Appeal – Keep your lawn cut and manicured during the warmer months, keep driveways and sidewalks clear in winter. Clean up trash, leaves and debris. Don’t spend money on landscaping but instead buy potted plants or hanging baskets to dress up your house. Remember: the goal is to make your exterior as appealing as you can so realtors and buyers want to see what is inside.

Seasonal Door Decor

Increase Home Value With Seasonal Decor

2. Welcome Buyers– A clean and painted front door and entrance with a seasonal door decoration adds to the warmth of the house.  Visually you want to say “Welcome” to buyers as they enter your home.

A Little Paint Goes A Long Way To Increase Home Value

3. Freshen Up – Faded walls and scratched woodwork reduce appeal. The easiest way to brighten your rooms is with a fresh coat of paint. Don’t forget to neutralize the orange day-glow paint in your 1960’s retro family room.  Be wise – neutralize.

4. Kitchen Appeal.  The kitchen in my opinion is the most important room in a house. Unclutter your counters and find a new home for all your counter appliances.  Make sure your fixed appliances shine and give the exterior and interior of your cabinets a good cleaning.  Never leave dishes in the sink and organize your pantry and cabinets. Pack away and store any items you are not using. If your cabinets are old, consider a facelift with paint and new hardware. You will be amazed on how you can transform your kitchen with a little effort.


The Kitchen – The Most Important Room In Your House

5. Bathroom Tips.  Clean the tub and shower top to bottom, repair grout and caulk where it’s needed. Get rid of soap film and polish up the fixtures.  Sparkling bathrooms are a must; and don’t forget to keep the toilet seat down.

6. Less is More.  Avoid a cluttered appearance by removing excess furniture and de-personalize by taking down the wall of family photo’s.  Keep toys and newspapers picked up and start packing and storing.  A clean and neat space will make it easier for the buyers to visualize how they would live in your house.

Tidy Your Closets

What a great way to increase home value! Just clean out your closets.

7. Make it Bigger. Clean out the closets so everything looks orderly and only keep what you need.  Getting rid of all the excess will visually expand your storage space in the eyes of a buyer.

8. Let the Sun Shine.  Keep the windows clean. Drapes, shades and blinds should be open to maximize the natural light.  Well placed, inexpensive floor lamps and room fixtures can enhance the ambiance.  Light up your house with both natural and well placed lighting; light makes people cheerful naturally.

9. Maintainance Check.  Change the filter on your furnace; clean the exterior of both furnace and water tanks. If you are representing that mechanicals and appliances work,  make sure they are.  Do minor repairs that will be easily noticed by a buyer: for example, fix loose doorknobs, doors off track, dripping faucets, screens or windows that are broken or loose. Fix noisy attic, bathroom or house  fans. Buyers feeling secure about your home being in working order will increase your home value.


10. Scent It.  There is nothing that will turn off a buyer faster than an odor that is unpleasant to them. If you have pets, be aware that the smell of your perfect companion can overwhelm a buyer and they will walk out.  Deodorizer. Likewise, with cats and litter boxes or just closed up musty old room smells: freshen up.  Shampooing  rugs and dry cleaning your furniture is always a good idea.  Keep your windows open if possible, bring in scented candles, incense or better yet, bake an apple pie!

Now  you’ve dressed your house for success next step;



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