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Old And New Homes for the New Year

2011 Real Estate Reflections

Reflecting on what we have done right over the past year is always a good thing. Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty has had great success in a down market; outpacing all our competition by a significant margin in sold properties.  I attribute this to a highly professional sales staff and great management team that works seamlessly to provide the best real estate service available in the Hudson Valley and Catskill region of New York State.

We have also had our share of challenges in 2011. Hurricane Irene came through Windham New York, home to our Catskill Mountain Village Office and completely destroyed the office. While we were rebuilding we had to vacate our office and work out of a makeshift space while remaining open to serve the community. Our agents and staff endured and persevered through the single most devastating natural disaster to hit New York State with great aplomb. The newly rebuilt office is beautiful and more vibrant than ever.

One of our best decisions of 2011 was to partner with Catskill Farms. This company builds cottage style homes with an old style feel that are perfectly sited and designed for an urban buyer’s desire to have high quality construction with impeccable details. The first new old cottage we marketed on MLS was a three-story 1800 sq ft home on a quiet Ulster County road in Stone Ridge, New York. It was listed at $385,000. I kid you not when I say that Catskill Farms had just broken ground and it sold in 8 days! We are now moving on to a new adventure with Catskill Farms in Woodstock. The word is getting out and soon we will be lining up buyers to get in the door of this latest Catskill Farms project.

We hit the ground running for the 1st quarter of 2012.  Our buyers did not take as much time off as I have historically seen. That is a good sign that confidence in the real estate market is positive.  Typically closings are sparse in January, February and March because most buyers put their home shopping on hold for the holidays. It is always the slowest quarter of the year and we usually start picking up by the end of January when buyers are back from the festivities of the season.  I am charting a new course in expanding our markets and revitalizing our web presence and services. We are already in the shoot for an entirely new website design with more interactive searches, more helpful information for buyers about the areas we serve, and beautiful showcasing of our seller’s listings.

I am expecting a great year in 2012 for Real Estate. I hope you will contact us if you have dreams of making a change, we will help you to realize your dreams. Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “Old And New Homes for the New Year

  1. Thoughtful blog entry – thanks! I agree that 2012 should be a good year for home buying and selling. Let’s hope the weather is better…

  2. Yes, I agree that this year will be even better than last and I am looking forward to our new website design. Looking back to reflect on what happened last year is always insightful. Just remember to learn from the past and think forward and then keep moving in that direction. A Happy, Healthy and Fruitful New Year to all!

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