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Residencies For Artists

There are residencies for Artists available in Woodstock, NY.

Byrdcliffe Guild Building

Calling all artists and wannabees! Did you know that the most famous small town in America is Woodstock, NY? Many people think that the 1969 Woodstock Festival was the beginning of Woodstock being known as the  “Colony of the Arts” but that festival was just one event in a long history of creativity in the Catskills for over a century. In 1902 a utopian community was founded on 1200 acres in Woodstock New York as a mecca for artists to live and work communally. It is now called The Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild and its purpose 100 years later is the same. Today there are 33 of the original 35 Arts and Crafts style buildings that made up the colony and are set on 250 acres. Byrdcliffe comes alive in summer with residencies for artists. Byrdcliffe houses and fosters the creativity of its artists in their private studios. Some of the cottages are available for rent year round but most are seasonal, the caveat is, you must be a working artist to live in Byrdcliffe. Scholarships are available for the artists in residence program since the primary goal of the colony is to foster and subsidize expenses for the creative spirit. Byrdcliffe supports both visual and performing artists.


Byrcliffe Interior

Byrdcliffe Bell

One of the best kept secrets in Ulster County is the open studio exhibitions at Byrdcliffe and the community pot luck dinners on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons during the summer. Attendants might hear a reading from an emerging playwrite or poet in the theater, or see the newest creations from the pottery interns working in the old barn. Byrdcliffe has classes for the public some of which are year   round. You can explore Ceramics, Jewelry, Woodworking, Life Drawing, Dance and Voice, classes are always changing so keep watching. If you are up for the weekend take a self-guided tour using one of the maps available at the Byrdcliffe Theater which sits at the top of Upper Byrdcliff Road, minutes from the village of Woodstock. Meander through the paths and roads and take in the breathtaking scenery that has inspired so many. When you head back to town visit the Byrdcliffe’s gallery and the Byrdcliffe Guild Shop that has original crafts for sale from contemporary Byrdcliffe artists. If you are lucky enough to garner one of the residencies for artists you will become an integral part of all this. Applications are due soon, so apply now.

Byrdcliffe Theatre

Gems of the Hudson Valley and Catskills, like The Woodstock Byrdclifef Guild, are only a  2-3 hour ride from New York City. While you are exploring our cultural sites, enjoying a great meal or entertainment, it’s the natural beauty of our region that will tug at your heart. So if you want to feel the grass under your feet in summer, taste the snow-white powder in winter, see the brilliant colors in autumn and smell the bloom of spring, we will find you a home that is just waiting for you.


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