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Rhinebeck, NY – Hiking Poet’s Walk

I love spending time hiking the Hudson Valley and Catskills and a few years ago my husband Jim and I took one of the most beautiful walks of my life. Poet’s walk is only a few miles from Village Green Realty’s office in Kingston, right across the Kingston-Rhinecliff bridge. I first heard about this walk from friends who claim it as their favorite spot to walk their dog. Spectacular views of the beautiful Catskill mountains and Hudson River, flowing fields, lush forests, cobblestone bridges over babbling brooks and arches and benches made from native trees, it’s all there. Poet's WalkThe views at Poet’s walk remind us of what so many artists of the Hudson River School of Painting found inspiring. At Poet’s Walk they can be experienced through a slow meandering well-worn path – no need for heavy hiking gear or packs. If you ever wonder why you should move to the country or if you haven’t taken the time to marvel at what is in your own backyard, take this walk, it will renew your spirit.

Jim at Poet’s Walk – Rhinebeck, NY

Me At Poet's Walk

Me at Poet’s Walk – Rhinebeck, NY

A bridge on Poet's Walk

A Bridge on Poet’s Walk – Rhinebeck, NY

More information on Poet’s walk. A couple places to get lunch in Rhinebeck after walking poets walk; Gigi Trattoria (try the Minestrone – YUM!), Terrapin (famous throughout the Hudson Valley).


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