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Where is Kingston NY?

Where is Kingston NY exactly?

See A Map and Get Directions to Kingston, NY.

Why do you need to visit immediately?

You're Feeling Crazed

You’re Feeling Crazed, You Need An Escape From the City That’s NOT an Escape to a Bear Infested Forest – You need to know WHERE is Kingston, NY?

You imagine a place where culture and countryside actually coexist and friendly neighbor is not an oxymoron. A place where you can be productive, even make a living or find a new career path.  Kingston has urban flair with just the right amount of farmstandishness. A little whacky, but oh so normal.

If you don’t religiously read the New York Times Travel section, you might not know the answer to the question “Where is Kingston NY”? You might have driven straight past it or even through it, still white knuckled from your zipcar ride over bridges that you’ve only see in pictures, probably on your way to some better known town like Woodstock NY.

OK, so what are the basic differences you ask?

Woodstock; Peace, love, rainbows, hemp, bygone music festivals, hippies, sprouts, cold pressed juice, oh so adorable shops dripping in tie-dye, street people, dog people, the reinvented people, and an unusual number of BMWs.

BMW Logo and Peace Sign

Where Is Kingston, NY? Not in Woodstock!

Look, I drive one too I’m not a hater but let’s talk

Kingston; Peace, fond waves, rainbows, cool shops, weird shops, pawn shops, really amazing stone buildings, beautiful Victorian houses, a business district where you can meet bygone politicians, a shopping district where you can chat with a few has-been stress cases and noticeably fewer BMWs.  What else can you see in Kingston?

Legendary musicians hanging around, the Black Crowes at UPAC, you name it. Who knew?

The food is pretty good. There are a number of passable restaurants and one or two really good ones. But if your meal is a bit provincial, Kingston NY certainly isn’t. And who cares when you are sitting on a bench feeding the ducks on the Strand in the Rondout district or staring at the blue mountains, which are literally, blue!

Collage of Kingston NY Photos

Dutch Reformed Church, Lucy’s Tacos and The Maritime Museum. Where is Kingston? It’s Where It’s At!

View our photos of Uptown Kingston

So, Where is Kingston NY? On the Hudson River, at the base of the Catskill Mountains. It’s up the thruway, north, a good conversation or a few tunes on the radio and you’re here. The Trailways bus from the Port Authority will drop you off right in the middle of town in less than two hours, much less if the driver has had enough caffeine. Kingston NY Real Estate is cheap, (careful, I bought an old house too). Post your questions and I will always give you the straight answers. Everything is relative but I think Kingston New York is pretty great. Read our other post about a Walking Tour of Uptown Kingston, NY. Once you get here you just might say, “I know where Kingston, NY is! The place where I want to hang out every weekend (or even every weekday) for the rest of my life.” If that happens see what Kingston, NY Real Estate has to offer then give us a call.
P.S. Where is Woodstock NY? West, like 15 minutes!



11 thoughts on “Where is Kingston NY?

  1. I love Kingston New York….and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, before blend of city and country if you ask me ….

  2. Such an Amazing place Kingston is no wonder why the late Levon Helm spoke so highly of Ulster County. This is where it is happening!

  3. The real question is “Where is Accord New York?” Of course its location is a well kept secret. This hamlet with its amazing mix of country fields, farms and woods with a lively cultural community is only about 1.5 to 2 hours from NYC. So, “Where is Accord New York?” About 25 minutes from the city of Kingston.

  4. It’s time to see for yourself what our founders built and where they lived when first arriving to this this country, absolutely beautiful historical buildings ! The history is outstanding, Kingston is not just a town on the Hudson, it’s vibrant living history, a town You can make your mark on !

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