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City of Hudson NY – Why Visit?

Why Visit the City of Hudson, NY?

The City of Hudson, NY is a small city on the Hudson River about 100 miles North of New York City. It is a destination for antique lovers, the seat of Columbia County, a hotbed of the arts, one of the primary “second home” areas in the Hudson Valley for New Yorker’s who need a weekend retreat, and just a fun, friendly place. It’s an easy trip up from the city or any other spot in the Hudson Valley, close enough to the Berkshires, and totally worth the drive if you’re coming from farther away.

Why Visit the City of Hudson, NY? Answer #1


7 city blocks on Warren Street are populated by over 80 antique shops! Where else in the United States is there a permanent collection of dealers this large? Sure you can go to an antiques fair where booths are set up to the best of the dealers ability, they’ve only brought a portion of their inventory and it’s maybe getting soggy because you’re outside and it’s DRIZZLING! But in Hudson you’re treated to a wide array of periods and styles, American and foreign antiques and they are all merchandized to the nines. So not only do you get to see some really beautiful things (and probably find that special thing you’ve been searching for) but you get to see them merchandized beautifully. A whole new world of interior design inspiration awaits! There’s so much to see you could easily spend 3 days combing these shops without getting tired or bored. Here are just a few of the photos I took on a recent visit.  My preference tends to run towards both Mid-Century modern, folk art, and stuffed dead things so you’re not seeing it all because frankly, my friend Bob and I ran out of time in the 6 hours we’d budgeted for our trip to see everything. But the next trip I’ll focus on Early American and European stuff – I’ll bring my Dad, he digs that stuff.

Hudson Supermarket, Warren Street, Hudson NY

Hudson Supermarket, Warren Street, Hudson NY

3FortySeven Hudson, NY

Insane Chandelier at 3FortySeven in Hudson, NY

Historical Materialism, Hudson, NY

Historical Materialism, Hudson, NY – I only didn’t buy these chairs because I was in the midst of moving!

12 Modern Antiquities, Hudson, NY

12 Modern Antiquities, Hudson, NY – fabulous dead things in this shop, including a really giant moose head that was too large to hang so they had it in the middle of the floor.

Here are some more photos of Antiquing in Hudson.

Why Visit the City of Hudson? Answer #2

Good Food! There are quite a few restaurants in Hudson, NY and they’re good. Since there are a couple on each block (which is normal by NYC standards, but seriously dense by Hudson Valley standards) the competition is fierce and if you stink – you close. I haven’t been to all of them but I have been to Mexican Radio (which has an NYC location) which serves authentic mexican food (no gloppy cheese and bland fajitas here). The decor is gothic christian and orange which was a pretty bold choice and interesting to look at while you wait for your really good carnitas.

Mexican Radio, Hudson, NY

Mexican Radio, Hudson, NY

A couple of years ago my husband and I had the best meal of my entire life at DA | BA. I don’t know quite how to describe their food (they don’t do a good job of it on their website, so ignore the website and just GO THERE). We had incredible, inventive, taste packed food that night like I’d never had before. If they’d been open for lunch I would have gone again on my last visit. Alas, they only do dinner. Like them on facebook and they post what they’re making that day w/locally sourced ingredients, it’s an exquisite form of personal torture.

DABA Restaurant, Hudson, NY

DA | BA Restaurant, Hudson, NY

This past visit we had lunch at American Glory BBQ. I’m no BBQ aficianado (I grew up in Maine – we eat Lobster) but it tasted great, and the best part about this restaurant is that the entire front wall opens up for alfresco dining in the nice weather. We were treated to a wandering street band while we ate. It was completely unexpected and fun, it’s pretty rare that in a tourist town locals take the initiative to create an entertaining experience for visitors just for the heck of it. Bob and I felt like we were in some twisted modern version of “Guys and Dolls” – BUT there was BBQ!

Street Musicians in Hudson

Street Musicians in Hudson as seen through the open front wall of American Glory BBQ

Why Visit the City of Hudson? Answer #3

Architecture! Long story short because Hudson was in a pretty sad slump in the second half of the 1900’s urban renewal SKIPPED Hudson. Last century’s loss has been this century’s gain. Over the past 10 years Hudson has experienced a speedy renaissance. While nearly all of the building along Warren Street (the antique district) and the surrounding streets needed renovation and updating 10 years ago, but they also had all their original details. Each building is more beautiful than the next. You walk down the streets and see gorgeous examples of every type of Victorian city architecture and inside are beautiful moldings and mantels, original flooring and plenty of space.


10 years ago I had a hunch that Hudson would become what it is today. I missed out on getting in on the ground floor of Hudson, NY Real Estate (see my full post on that). But c’est la vie…here’s the Real Estate you can buy in Hudson, NY right now which includes some incredible townhouses right on Warren Street.

Why Visit the City of Hudson? Answer #4

The Arts! Hudson has many art galleries featuring local and national artists, Hudson Opera House is now a multi-arts center, Time and Space Limited has Arts shows, music, movies, youth programs, etc, June – Sept Stageworks offers professional theatre that includes plays that are out of the regular “country canon”. Many places claim to be a home for the arts and to have a vibrant arts community, Hudson actually does.


Why Visit the City of Hudson? Answer #4
Spirit! Hudson has a great spirit. Walk down the street and you’ll feel energy.  Go into an antique shop that sells extremely high end antiques and be greeted by a dog and a friendly guy who’s chatting it up w/a local friend (no stuffy sales people in pencil skirts and pearls – I guess that would be a saleswoman – a salesman in a pencil skirt and pearls you might find, and we can hardly call that stuffy). Another shop owner might cheerfully convince you to go to someone else’s shop to find something or to go try a brownie at the newest bakery (there are 3 bakeries – you won’t want for cookies in Hudson – that’s a good thing too). The community is tight knit in a good way. Check out the Hudson “Pride” weekend.  What started as a gay pride parade has turned into a full weekend of events that is not just for the LGBT crowd but is about everyone celebrating their own pride and support for others. PLUS it’s a real big party!
Hudson’s great! Go for a visit, stay for a while, contact us if you want to look at Real Estate in Hudson. We’d love the excuse to spend a few hours showing you some of the unbelievable homes there.


6 thoughts on “City of Hudson NY – Why Visit?

  1. and if that’s not enough – how about eating at Grazin’ (grass fed everything super cool vintage diner), Cafe LePerche, Swoon, Mexican Radio…Club Helsinki – amazing music venue and good food… I can’t get enough of Hudson!

    • Helen! That is the diner that needed a good chef and a good scrub. I thought I noticed it had reopened when we walked by. I’ll update the post because it is a cool old vintage diner – glad it’s found a good chef, the burgers look devine!

  2. When I was building my house I spent a lot of time in Hudson sifting through warehouses of antique architectural details. When I found KEYSTONE on Warren street I hit the jackpot. I bought a ton of stuff that I incorporated into the design of the house. I don’t know if they are still there but what a great place to explore, its an old warehouse. For dinner I loved Club Helsinki, got a tour from the owner a few months ago. They have some really good entertainment I hear.

  3. And then there’s culture+commerce project for something completely new:
    showcasing regional artists, woodworkers, glassblowers & furniture designers
    at 428 warren street. visit us on FB and in Hudson next time you;re here!

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