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Catskill Real Estate: Buy a Country House

I remember the moment I decided it was time to buy a country house, to find an escape from Brooklyn. It was Friday about 3:00 pm and the weekend was going to be hot and sticky. I knew the only relief I had AT HOME was to sit in a cool bathtub to escape feeling suffocated.  Our 5-year-old daughter could not go out and play or ride her bike on the weekends unless I was her chaperone. I hated going to the park in our neighborhood and there was no community pool. Traveling to find a clump of trees with a sandbox and jungle gym seemed absurd, I wanted them to be outside my back door. I needed to calm down from the long hard work week in the intense city enviroment. I wanted fresh air, space, no traffic and just a little oasis to call my own, so it was time for the county house, my own piece Catskill Real Estate.

If you are just beginning your search or have been a vacation renter for a while and are just considering the idea, it’s great timing. Prices are very reasonable and the value of Catskill Real Estate has not been better for 10 years. Its going to be a hot sticky summer so it might be the time to buy your own country house.

 Catskill Farms Country House

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