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Esopus, NY

Esopus, NY Spotlight 

Never heard of Esopus NY? Well you wouldn’t be the first, but that doesn’t  make Esopus any less of a great place to visit or live. We sell a lot of Real Estate in Esopus, it’s convenient to the city and to the Mountains, it’s affordable and it’s cool! Good mix right?

How far is Esopus NY from Everywhere?

How far is Esopus NY from Everywhere?

Stone House Historic Esopus, NY

Stone House Historic Esopus, NY

Rich with history and full of country charm, the town of Esopus is located south of Kingston and on the west bank of the Hudson River. Taking it’s name from the Esopus tribe of the area, the town was founded in 1811 but had been served as a major trading post between the Dutch and Native Americans dating back as far as 1620. Later it would be home to such notables as Human Rights activist Soujourner Truth and naturalist John Burroughs.The town of Esopus is comprised of several hamlets including Connelly, Port Ewen, Rifton, St. Remy, Ulster Park, Sleightsburgh, Black Creek, West Park and the village of the same name: Esopus.

Dowtown Esopus, NY

Esopus, small town America does still exist!

Covering 40 square miles, Esopus retains much of its historic charm, winding through some of the areas oldest roads, one finds stone houses and farms naturally situated in the picturesque landscape. Naturally decorated by lakes, waterways and lush woodlands the call of nature is never far and Esopus has plenty of places to escape into the great outdoors. Included among these are the Black Creek Forest Preserve, Shaupeneak Ridge and the historic site of Naturalist John Burroughs hand made house and retreat “Slabsides”. The Esopus Meadow Preserve on the west bank of the Hudson offers up lovely views of the River with the backdrop of the Catskill Mountains as well as of the Esopus lighthouse which was built in 1839 on a shallow mud flat in the middle of the river. Sturgeon Pool near Rifton is a fisherman’s dream come true and down the road still stands Perrine’s Bridge, a wooden covered bridge dating from 1844 and a National Historic site.

Esopus Meadows Lighthouse painting

Esopus Lighthouse from Mills Mansion by Jamie Williams Grossman

Along with the elegant beauty of the landscape, Esopus makes the most of nature’s bounty by being home to Vineyards, apple orchards and farm stands as well as many fine restaurants and shops. The Apple Bin on Rt. 9W is a great place to pick up some fresh produce, as well as the gorgeous Mt. View Gardens (also on 9W). Stop into the El Paso Winery further for a sampling of New York State wine while relaxing on their lovely patio. As for restaurants, Global Palate offers some exceptional locally sourced organic fare. For a taste of history in the region, visit the Klyne Esopus Museum, built in 1827 and housed in one of the areas few historic Dutch Reformed Churches. One of the most recent and most popular attractions to put Esopus on the map is the Headless Horseman Hayrides, voted America’s #1 Best Haunted Attraction for 5 years straight. Set on the 45 acre estate of one of Esopus’ old stone houses, the Hayride is a 1 mile ride through the ancient landscape transformed into a foreboding setting for the whole family to enjoy the chills and thrills of Halloween, complete with a corn maze labyrinth and plenty of ghoulish actors sure to raise the hairs on your neck.

Another blast from the past is the tried and true Wood n Wheel Roller Rink in Port Ewen, which still lets you strap on some wheels and spin around the rink complete with game room and concession stand.

So whether it’s a haunted hayride through old farm fields, the view of the Esopus lighthouse from the banks of the Hudson or the natural and historic treasures that are dotted throughout, the charm and beauty of Esopus are there for all to enjoy. Come and discover Esopus and the sweet respite of the country.

Of you’re interested in Esopus Real Estate we’re always here to help you make a choice that will be everything you hoped.


5 thoughts on “Esopus, NY

  1. Beautifully written! Esopus is an extremely charming area. When I was little I always looked forward to a visit to Wood N’ Wheels and the Apple Bin for a fresh homemade cookie 🙂

  2. Sounds like an interesting area for anyone to consider who is looking for peace and quiet but easily accessible from larger metropolitan areas. Your descriptions and suggestions make me want to know more!

  3. Esopus is the Place if you love the Hudson River ! Beautiful views or live right on the river, Henry Hudson would be proud

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