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Zip Line NY – Drying off from Cliff Diving with Style with a good zipline!

So…after you’re done cliff diving and feeling as though your just get warming up, you maybe start to feel the urge for something more.  Yeah, you want to Zip Line in NY! Who doesn’t really? Continue driving up the towards Hunter Mountain and just a few minutes away from your morning cliff dive  is the  longest, fastest and highest Zipline Tour in North America and the 2nd largest in the world! Map   Hunter Mountain’s zip line is 4.6 miles of amazing views and death defying adventure!! Gliding down this zipline reaching up to 50mph you’ll get a thrill and a bird’s eye view of our favorite place on the planet, the Catskill Mountains.  Check Out their website to book.

Hunter Mountain Zip Line NY

I don’t think you’ll find a more action packed day that doesn’t include a near death experience. And it’s an easy scenic drive, only 2 hours from Manhatten. Zip Line NY – maybe I’ll see you there. To learn more about Hunter, NY, visit our website.

Guest Blogger
Sheena Lepez
Manager, Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty, Kingston


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